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Paper Sizes

A sizes Book sizes B sizes Book sizes
A/1 594 x 841 mm B/1 700 x 1000 mm
A/2 420 x 594 mm B/2 500 x 700 mm
A/3 297 x 420 mm B/3 350 x 500 mm
A/4 210 x 297 mm 207 x 285 mm B/4 250 x 350 mm 238 x 338 mm
A/5 148 x 210 mm 142 x 197 mm B/5 175 x 250 mm 168 x 238 mm
A/6 105 x 148 mm B/6 125 x 175 mm
A/7 74 x 105 mm B/7 87 x 125 mm
A/8 52 x 74 mm B/8 62 x 87 mm

Note: In case of B format the cutted size of the publication have to be smaller than the size indicated above.
Please consult us before printing!

Environmental protection fee information

The fifth section and the annex of Act 2004. XXIX. modifies the Act on environmental protection product fee and environmental protection product fee of certain products of 1995 LVI. (hereinafter referred as to Kt.) published in the Hungarian Gazette No. 2004/58

According to the stipulations of the above Act the product fee payment obligation has been modified as follows: The product fee is to be paid by „the first customer of the first vendor” as obligor. The first vendor is the Grafit Pencil Printing House, the first customer is You as contracting party, therefore the customer who is obliged to admit, report and pay the product fee toward APEH as Hungarian Tax Authority. GLN identification number is condition precedence to the submission of the documentation relating to the product fee. Shouldn’t you have such number we are ready to provide assistance in acquiring it. In the future we are to continue to designate the weight of the manufactured product on our invoices to enable and facilitate the calculation of the product fee and the admission toward APEH.

The environmental product fee of the advertising media: 26, - Ft / kg for the finished product.

The following list helps you to navigate which printing products are or aren’t environmental product fee required.

Product fee required printing products

Label, if it isn’t the part of the packaging, and if it doesn’t include guaranteed time, etc. pl.: company stickers
Advertising leaflets
Invitations, event advertising posters, leaflets
VHS, CD, DVD, Audio Cover

Product fee free printing products

The list of the above product fee free printing products is only preliminary. Its data were collected from the resolutions we have available. The product you incorrectly classified, because of possibly incorrectly declared and paid product fee we do not take any liability.

General parameters for submitting materials

You may submit materials in the following ways:

Format of the data:

Unfortunately we cannot process separated materials due to the online colour-settings of the printing machines.

The Client is liable for the content of closed materials, therefore we ask you to check the material thoroughly before submission. Our colleagues can provide assistance with the appropriate settings, if necessary.

In the case of open Mac materials, we can only accept fonts submitted later on in compressed format.

Should the Client submit open materials or PDF files to be corrected, we charge a machine fee amounting to 5 000 HUF/hour + VAT.

If the open material was made in a different version or program from the ones mentioned above, we charge double machine fee.

For photocomposition onto CtP, please submit all pages and advertisements in digital format. We do not accept orders for re-digitalization. In the event digitalization cannot be performed, we will expose the complete material on film.

If you have questions the list of the above, if you need some help to write Ps or PDF, please write to the following email address

Please, keep the technology order as described above, because differences due to errors we can’t assume responsibility.

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