History of the Printing House

The predecessor of today’s Grafit Pencil Printing House was established in 1992, with only a few people. The owners’ agility, far-reaching business philosophy produced continuously increasing results. From the first time they were focusing on the clients’ highest serving, it generated the customers circle expansion and volume of the orders. The development in the small offset printing from one colour printing machine reached the modern, electronically controlled, four colour B/1 format printing machines. The production is going instead 50 m2 on 5000m2, nearly 100 people.


Three B/1 printing machine with 11 printing tower and varnishing unit try to fulfil the continuously increasing customer needs. In the fully calibrated system graphic materials arrive on CTP plates at the machine room, where the KBA Densitronic colour measurement and control unit monitors the colour load (colour loading) during the entire printing time. The number of automated machines that feature high efficiency and high quality production is carried out - even with a daily 360 000 B / 1 sheet of output. Their reliability is increased by the online service system, which allows the manufacturer to remotely be able to intervene in the service process, in order to avoid the several days of waiting for the mechanic. ISO 9001:2001 quality management system and the Sony Green Partner Certificate are documenting our reliability and quality.


Our employees receive on-going trainings.


The project is realized by the support of The European Union and co-financing of the European Social Fund.

TÁMOP-2009-2-3-3/A-09/2 Workplace conservation with trainings

The project ID: TÁMOP-2.3.3/A-09/2-2009-0106

The project title: Conservation training program for the employees in jobs of the Grafit Pencil Printing Ltd.

The term of the competition: 19. 08. 2009. – 31. 05. 2010.

Within the scope of the obtained support the following project is realized:

The number of employees involved in the training: 50 persons

The project aim is to keep the employees of the Grafit Pencil Printing House for a long-term. It’s also extremely important to improve their knowledge and gain experiences which they could utilize and contribute to the more successful operating of the Grafit Pencil Printing House.

For the continuous operating is essential to keep the number of staff, despite decreasing current orders the efficiency of operation is to maintain this number of staff.

Destiny of the project and the maintenance period is over, our goal is not to send the workers, but a further utilization of resources, optimization of resources intended to make it stable. We hope that in 2010 just as the economy become stronger our order complement will grow.

In the course of the project utilized trainings’ usefulness are perceivable for a longer period. It’s occur in our training plans to improve and up-to-date these knowledge.

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